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Shopping services is the widest network of online shops (computers, clothing and accessories, books, video and audio, gifts) which is available for purchase for buyers outside US.

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On our site you can find out how easy and simple to buy on,, how to deliver a lot from eBay or Amazon in Russia, Ukraine and other countries. is a simple and convenient service of purchase and delivery of goods from the US and European stores. You only need to choose the products you need at the auction eBay ( or shop Amazon (, and fill out a simple online order form or an order in our service system, which accepts orders 24 hours a day. We will buy all the items of your order on eBay or Amazon, and pay their dealer or the store where the purchase is made. Then, after the goods will be sent to the seller in our warehouses in the United States, Germany and the UK (depending on where the purchase is made) and received by us, they will be packaged in a common package and delivered to your address in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. With the company Linefor you can make purchases across the United States, Germany, China, the United Kingdom in any online stores. No matter where you are, for you there are available a huge number of stores around the world. Now you know that the purchase in the United States is no more difficult than buying in any usual for you shop online. To order the product from the United States, it is enough a few minutes. To learn more about the shop Amazon (, auction eBay (, types and delivery methods from the US and Europe, tracking parcels and mail, to find a list of stores the United States and Europe, descriptions of products, and more Visit our blog.

Buy at auction (in Russian eBay) – this is the world’s largest online auction. The auction (official site - the most popular online auction in the United States and the world. was founded back in 1995 and today is the leader in sales worldwide. On eBay users trade with all countries of the world. Despite the huge popularity of the auction eBay for buyers and sellers, including customers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, many items are not delivered to Russia and other countries. We solved this problem and help you to redeem any eBay item and arrange delivery from eBay to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. You can order on eBay through our service delivery from the eBay auction in the US, Germany, UK. The order value in,, is 5% of the total price of lots. In one order can be issued up to 15 items a seller on eBay.

Buy in (Amazon)

Amazon, ( – is the largest online store of electronics, clothing, books in the world. Amazon is rapidly gaining markets of online trading outside the United States and successfully operates in Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France and China We can help you buy back any goods from the Amazon store and deliver it to Russia or the CIS countries. The order value of the,, is 5% of the total price of the goods. Online shop covers dozens of categories of products, including books, computers and accessories, consumer electronics and appliances, photo, clothing, toys, tools, sporting goods, and more.

Tracking mailings

Track parcel in Russian:

Mail tracking – is a service provided by the Post of Russia, Ukraine mail, mail of China, the United States mail or courier companies USP, EMS, DHL and others, to be able to track the parcel or mail, to know her status and place of residence at the moment. Service tracking of mail and parcels is free. Usually the tracking of items is provided in the form of sms informing, over the phone, via email, or directly in the section of track parcels on the official website of Post in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, China, Germany or other mail or courier services, depending on the a service that has been made sending parcels or postal items. Tracking mailings can also be made on other sites – websites for tracking mail. Especially for your convenience, we have collected all the popular postal and courier service on one site of online tracking. There you can track the postage DHL, UPS, Fedex, DB Schenker USA, DHL GF, Novaya Pochta, USPS, Mail Russia, Mail Ukraine and other. To use our service, visit the Online tracking of mail

Track the parcel on English language:

Here you will find useful information about US Post, UK Post, European Post, Russian Post, Ukrainian Post, China Post, courier service EMS, DHL, USPS, UPS and others, Track & trace parcels. By using our Track and trace service you can find your parcels or mail, find out where the parcel, postage, small package, and others. Here you can track the parcel or mail from US, Europe, UK, Russia, China

Tracking the Russian Post

This section of the site provides information about tracking postal items Russian Post and tracking international parcels EMS Russia sent from the United States and Europe to Russia; how to track online the package Russian mail by account number assigned on a postal (track number of sending). To monitor postal, you need to specify the track number order in the form of tracking parcels. After processing the request you will be redirected to the official website of the postal or courier service, which you used to send your mailing with a result on the status and location of your postal item.

Tracking Ukraine Post

This section of the site provides information about tracking postal items Post of Ukraine and monitoring of international parcels EMS Ukraine sent from the United States and Europe to Ukraine; how to track the parcel on the website of Ukraine-mail by number of postal (parcel number track of Ukraine). You can track the sending Ukraine Post by special account number origin (track number sending Ukraine Post). For these purposes can be used the official website of Ukrposhta (Ukrainian Post) or any other search service for tracking packages including our website for tracking mail.

Track Belarus Post

This section of the site provides information about tracking of mail Belarus Post and tracking international parcels EMS Belarus sent from the United States and Europe in Belarus; how to track the package online on site Belarus Post by origin number (track number sending Belarus).

Customs of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

This section provides information about customs regulations, customs duties and limits on goods imported to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries from the United States and Europe. Here is provided list of all the official sites of customs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, email contacts and phone numbers of customs offices of the above countries. Turning to one of the sections about customs of our website, you can get information about the amount of customs duties for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the order of customs clearance and payment of customs duties, as well as to know contacts and learn the customs official sites.. Customs duty and import regulations.

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Shopping services is the widest network of online shops (computers, clothing and accessories, books, video and audio, gifts) which is available for purchase for buyers outside US. With you can shop the USA (,,,,,, and others) wherever you are. Even if the store only accepts U.S. billing or not ship in your county. helps you shop in US and Europe. It`s easy. Try it now!

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