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Our service of purchase and delivery of goods from the United States helps you to buy and deliver products from any stores (such as, from the United States, Germany, Great Britain in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. Delivery of purchases, Ships from the United States. Description of how the service purchases works in the United States and Europe. Step by step guide for purchase and delivery of goods from the US and Europe.

Simple purchases in all stores US and Europe, including Amazon and eBay!

Description of service purchases in the United States (, works on the market since 2006 года and over the years through our service carried more 100 000 purchases. We are working with partners from USA, UK, Germany and China, we combine the widest network of stores, in which there are available purchases for our customers, including branches of the shop and the auction, with delivery of the goods in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. We have the lowest fare for the purchase on the entire market, it is only 5% of the price of goods

· We are one of the first services of purchases - on the market since 2006, more than 10 years in the field of online trading.

· Big shopping experience in the United States – more than 100 000 purchases of, accomplished through our service.

· The most extensive network of stores in the US and Europe are available for purchases of our customers.

· The minimum rates for the purchase 5% of the price - it is the lowest rate for the purchase on the market intermediary - 5% of the price.

· Delivery from the USA to Russia from 7 days - express delivery from the United States, Germany, Britain, China.

Тariffs for the purchase and delivery of goods from the US and Europe:

Fees for the purchase and delivery of the US and Europe

  • For items more than 400 USD / EUR - cost of the order 5% of price *
  • For items up to 400 USD / EUR - order value 19.99 USD / EUR
  • The cost and timing of international delivery.

* The total price of the goods and the delivery in the seller's country.

Tariffs “Address in the US” (delivery from the US)

• Register of personal addresses in the United States for a year - USD 25

• Receive incoming parcels 0-5 USD / pcs.

• Send outgoing parcels 0-5 USD / pcs.

• The cost and timing of international delivery.

Additional services

• Adding more orders in one parcel - 0.00 USD *
• Checking one product for compliance - 15.00 USD / EUR
• Photo of one parcel - 15.00 USD Photo of one package content - 15.00 USD
• Trial of one product with the seller - 20.00 USD
• Storage of goods in excess of 20 days (for 30 days) - 5% of the price of the goods, min 15.00 USD / month
* On request.

How to make a purchase in a store of the United States or Europe (for example, the purchase of,

Step 1. Select items in any store or auction the United States, Germany, Britain, copy www links to them and write notes on the goods (name, size, color, quantity) and total cost of goods.
Step 2. Fill in the order form in the personal account of the system orders, or send email request to the help desk, which should indicate a links to goods, the notes to them and the total value of all goods and each product individually, the method of delivery of goods from the US or Europe, and payment method of order.
3 step. Pay order and wait for the parcel delivery to home or mail office. Additionally, you can view the status of the order in the system and
track parcel EMS, DHL, USPS tracking on any website postings on the international track number, and the number assigned to Post of Russia, Ukraine Post, Belarus Post and others.

Delivery methods from the United States and Europe

- US USPS Shipping - Shipping EMS from the United States - from the United States Delivery by UPS - shipping by DHL from the US and Germany - Shipping DHL LuftPost from Germany - Delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and CIS. After sending the parcel, you can make an online-tracking. For more information, refer to the appropriate section: Track mail Russia, Track mail Ukraine, Track mail Belarus. If your product falls under the category goods with custom duties, you can get help in following section: Customs Russia, Ukraine and others.

Location of main warehouses in the US

After you have ordered your goods, they are paid to the seller (your chosen store or auction), and the goods arrive at the warehouse in the USA, Germany or the United Kingdom, formed in a parcel and sent to you by chosen method of international shipping.

US, state of MN: New Hope, Minnesota

Attention! Order to combine several different orders in one parcel must be made when ordering. After payment orders can not be combined. Orders received in the various warehouses (in different countries, the United States, Germany, United Kingdom) are not merged.

How to buy in the store A Summary of the Amazon store. (in Russian - Амазон) – is the world's largest online store. Now shop (Amazon) covers dozens of categories of products, including books, computers and accessories, consumer electronics and appliances, photo, clothing, toys, tools, sporting goods and more. (Amazon) is rapidly gaining market e-commerce outside the US. Amazon successfully operates in Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France and China cn. We can help you buy back any goods from the Amazon store and deliver it to Russia or the CIS countries.

How to buy at auction A summary of the auction eBay. (in Russian - еБей, еБэй, еБай, иБей, иБэй) – is the world's largest online auction. The auction (official site – is the most popular online auction in the world. Auction was founded in 1995 and is a leader in sales around the world. Number of users on Internet auction has over 10 million. You can order most of items eBay through our service delivery from eBay USA, Germany, UK.

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  • Shopping over 400 USD/EUR is 5% of the price
  • Shopping up to 400 USD/EUR is 19.99 USD/EUR
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