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The address in the US for shopping at American stores and auctions!

Shopping in the US without intermediaries!

You can get your personal address in the US for purchases in stores, Shop at, alone without intermediaries. Forward buyings to your address in the US with automatic shipment to Russia and other countries.

Register address in the United States for purchases only for $ 25 / year

Having a personal address in the US for shopping, you will be able to buy goods in all US stores using to pay VISA, Master Card and enter in the details of the delivery address, which you get after registering with us. The range of goods is available for purchase virtually unlimited (electronics, clothes, books, gifts, etc.). You can buy any products in the official store (for example, all models of iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook), and any other products in these stores and auction sites, like or

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Shopping in the US

American address for shopping in the US (Amazon, eBay)

By registering your personal address for shopping in the US, you get a unique opportunity to make purchases in all online stores in the US with an automatic shipment of your purchases to the address in Russia, Ukraine or any other country. You will immediately be able to pay an request for personal address and begin to shop in any US store. Address for purchases is valid for one year.

How does work mail forwarding service from the US?

Ordering our service personal address in the USA (mailforwarding) for purchases abroad, you will be able to shop in the US without intermediaries.
1 - You register a personal address with us and get data of personal address in the United States for delivery of purchases from, and any other US stores as if you lived in the United States.
2 - You pay yourself for goods delivered to your address in the US, through VISA, Master Card, PayPal, WB, bank transfer or other means, and specify the registered address.
3 - We accept incoming packages to your address and forward purchases to your address in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan or any other country.

Tariffs “Address in the United States "(delivery from the US)

Register of personal address in the United States for a year – 25 USD
• Receive incoming parcels 0-5 USD / pcs.
• Send outgoing parcels 0-5 USD / pcs.
• The cost and timing of international delivery.

Additional services
• Adding more orders in one parcel - 0.00 USD *
• Checking one product for compliance - 15.00 USD / EUR
• Photo one parcel - 15.00 USD Photo content of one package - 15.00 USD
• Trial on one product with the seller - 20.00 USD
• Storage of goods in excess of 20 days (for 30 days) - 5% of the price of the goods, min 15.00 USD / month

* On request.

Attention to users of service ”Personal address in the USA"
After registration personal addresses in the US, you can make purchases in the store, yourself paying by credit cards Visa | MasterCard or PayPal. For receiving your order on address that you registered, you need to specify the address when ordering at or Attention! After the store or seller of the auction will have sent the order to the address, check the track parcel number and send it to our Customer Support with the product name, store, description of the purchase and price.

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The lowest rates for purchase on the market. Only 5% of the goods price. Get access to all US stores!

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Your personal US address!

Register your address in the USA for purchases without US intermediaries services.

Personal address in the U.S.

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Shopping services is the widest network of online shops (computers, clothing and accessories, books, video and audio, gifts) which is available for purchase for buyers outside US. With you can shop the USA (,,,,,, and others) wherever you are. Even if the store only accepts U.S. billing or not ship in your county. helps you shop in US and Europe. It`s easy. Try it now!

    order linefor.comShop USA and EU online stores! Our rates:

  • Shopping over 400 USD/EUR is 5% of the price
  • Shopping up to 400 USD/EUR is 19.99 USD/EUR
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