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Service of buying goods in America and Europe. Delivery of purchases in American and European stores, Shipping from the United States and Europe. works on the market since 2006 and over the years through our service carried 100,000 more purchases. Working with partners from the US, Britain and Germany, China, we combine the widest network of stores, in which there are available purchases for our customers, including branches of the shop and the auction, with delivery of the goods to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other countries. The lowest fare for the purchase of the entire market is only 5% оf the price of goods

To place an order for the purchase and delivery of goods from the US and Europe (from the shops,, and others) you can use the order form without registration or make an order in the system of orders.

We will help you to redeem items from any store US and Europe with delivery to your address by courier or mail. We pay even those goods and items eBay that do not have delivery to Russia, or your country from the seller. All of your products in the US or Europe store will be paid for and delivered to our warehouse in the US, UK and Germany, followed by shipment to your address in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

How to buy lots, goods

Shopping in the US and European stores without registering!


Your email:

Your Surname:

Enter up to 15 www. links to products from US stores:

Enter your address and +tel:

Enter the total cost of goods $ +19.99. (Example, 90.25):

How to order in the American store or eBay without registration:

Details of the purchase at, and other stores in the US and Europe by the form of the rapid order:
1. Enter your email address for communication.
2. Prescribe your name in Roman letters (abc), for example, Ivanov. This entry is used only to identify the order and also for register affiliate link. And therefore, may differ from the real.
3. Specify www. links for your chosen products at any store (eg, or auction ( In one order you can order up to 15 products from one store (eg, or one lot auction Please enter a valid name, your address, zip code, and telephone for the delivery of goods Amazon, eBay and others.

4. Specify the total cost of goods store in USD + add our rate of cost of registration of 5% (minimum $ 19.99). Attention! Enter only numbers without spaces or USD, $. Sample for correct filling the prices of commodities is 250.99.

After submitting the order you will automatically receive an invoice to the specified email. If the message is not received within 1-2 hours, please repeat your inquiry or register and order in the system of purchases in the United States and Europe.

This invoice will include the payment of your selected goods (commodity price + ordering, 5% of the value of the goods, at least 19.99 USD). Delivery cost for the country of buying (if necessary, the cost of delivery of goods in the USA or Europe) and international delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, or any other your country paid upon arrival and weighing of the ordered goods on the warehouse in the United States (for purchases in US stores and auctions) or Germany (to purchase goods in Europe) and the forming of their overall package.

After paying the order, the goods will arrive at the warehouse in the United States, Germany, Britain, China, will be carefully packed in a parcel and sent to your address by chosen method of delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, or any other your country. At your request, we can pack the goods in the package and fill the additional air bags for additional protection package. After the parcel is sent, you can produce a tracking by number of the parcel. To do the tracking use our mail tracking service, as well as the following sections of our website:

· Package tracking

· Post of Russia

· Post of Ukraine

· Post of Belarus

Buy at auction (in Russian еБей), variations in spelling in Russian - еБей, еБэй, еБай, иБей, иБэй, е бай, е бэй - is the world's largest online auction. The auction (official site – is the most popular online auction in the United States and the world. was founded back in 1995 and today is the leader in sales worldwide. On eBay users trade with all countries of the world. Despite the huge popularity of the auction eBay buyers and sellers, including customers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, many items are not delivered to Russia and other countries. We solved this problem and help you to redeem any eBay item and arrange delivery of eBay's to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. You can order on eBay through our service delivery from the eBay auction in the US, Germany, UK. The order value in,, is 5% of the total price of lots. In one order can be issued up to 15 items of one seller on eBay.

Buy in (Амазон in Russian)

Amazon, ( - is the largest online store of electronics, clothing, books in the world. Amazon (Amazon) is rapidly gaining market online trading outside the United States and successfully operates in Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France and China We can help you buy back any goods from the Amazon store and deliver it to Russia or the CIS countries. The order value of the,, is 5% of the total price of the goods. Online shop (Amazon) covers dozens of categories of products, including books, computers and accessories, consumer electronics and appliances, photo, clothing, toys, tools, sporting goods, and more.

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